Jim KavanaghClient

I have been attending Pilates classes with Deirdre Souchere at Inner Light Pilates & Yoga since 2005 and YogaPilates Fusion more recently. I do Pilates for back care and YogaPilates Fusion for flexibility.

I find both classes great. The Pilates classes are graded but there is also a lot of tailoring to the class composition. One gets a lot of individual attention from Deirdre. A facility to make up missed classes means that you can fit in things like holidays and still do a full term of classes.

I cannot recommend highly enough.

Peter BrowneClient

I trapped a nerve in my back, suffered muscle waste in my leg and required three injections in my spine under X-ray.

I thought that I was reasonably fit as I had hill walked since I stopped playing rugby and had done three Peter McVerry cycles from Dublin to Wexford. I had neglected my core muscles, that is stomach and back, I had not exercised them for thirty years.

My Physio and my consultant advised me to do Pilates. I started with Deirdre just over three years ago and I had not had back problems since. My back is straighter and my golf has improved. Deirdre is a very good instructor and the classes are fun.

They are suitable for all ages and abilities. Do not wait until you have back problems to strengthen your core muscles.

Niamh Wallace

As I suffer with Osteoarthritis in my spine, neck, feet, hands and shoulders, Doctors are constantly amazed at my flexibility and ability to move without pain.

When I get spasms or bad spells Deirdre provides Acupuncture to alleviate pain and I'm back moving again in no time.

Strenuous exercise is impossible for me but I began Yogalates classes with Deirdre in 2009.

These two sessions per week, keep me well in body and mind.

Thanks Deirdre.